Hire the Best Google Ads Expert in the Philippines 

Google Ads Consultant / PPC Consultant

Hello! My name is Joan

I’m the Founder of ITCREED PPC, a Philippine-based Google ads agency.

Google Ads is one of the most powerful marketing channels you have at your disposal right now. If you’re looking for a PPC Agency, make sure they’re Google Ads Specialists and a certified Google Ads partner. 

At IT-CREED we have a proven process for building and managing Google Ads that only takes about 45 days to produce results. 

We are the perfect place for emerging and established brands with sellable products, ambitious marketing plans, and a desire to grow and dominate their industry.

Our Approach To Google Ads

Our strategy focuses on developing scalable campaign structures.

“We take time to learn about your business.”

“We are focused on campaign profitability.”

“We are always testing”

We are your team if you are looking for a Google Ads management company that will help your campaigns outperform the competition consistently.

Because we believe our clients deserve the best, we don’t cut corners.

Why Choose ITCREED For Your PPC Advertising?

Here are a few reasons why our clients love working with our PPC management agency.


We are a certified Pay-per-click Marketing agency.


We are enrolled into well-known business programs.


We are skilled PPC experts who never stop learning.